Cat Tales – outdoor indoors

©cdavies 2007

He is either guarding the garden or just sunning himself on the patio.

Unfortunately, he has been bringing wildlife into the house and it is not yet dead. So my pet had a pet (mouse) for a while. Finally it got so injured by being chased around over and under the furniture, that I was able to catch it* and put it outdoors. I wasn’t quite brave enough to put it out of its misery so I guess one of the neighborhood cats will do that for me.

*Initially there was this interesting scene where I was chasing the mouse to rescue it from Murphy when I realized that the mouse was just as scared of me as the cat. Also Murphy thought it was a great game!


2 thoughts on “Cat Tales – outdoor indoors

  1. Murphy has this – hmmmmm, why do you disrupt my work here by taking this photo look about him. He’s contemplating, but there is something on his mind.

    I am picturing you chasing the mouse. Oh dear. There are lots of places in your house for Murphy to play with his “pets” unfortunately. Lets just hope he does not bring in a squirrel.

  2. He gets this patient suffering look whenever I turn the camera on him and I’m not anthropomorphizing.

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