Yarn Yarns – Log Cabin Afghan for Afghans Finished


I finished my log cabin afghan on Saturday and mailed it to afghans for Afghans yesterday. I actually feel a bit lost not having it do as I slogged over it on Friday and Saturday to complete it in time for their extended deadline.

Here is a picture of one of the edges:

Log Cabin Afghan detail

If you remember I chose the colors based on a photo I had already open in Adobe Photoshop. So here is a copy of the afghan converted to a stained glass:

Afghan filtered with stain glass

You have to ignore the top right corner as that is the carpet. I should learn to take photos square on! I still think the color match is not too bad. This was my original palette:

Final Palette

I am sure it will keep some body very warm through the cold Afghani winters.


5 thoughts on “Yarn Yarns – Log Cabin Afghan for Afghans Finished

  1. Cathy, it’s very pretty. I like it even more than the red one you made for the babies (children….some charity anyway).

  2. You mean the one that I started here and just realized that I never showed a picture of the completed object on my blog.

  3. Love your log cabins!
    I have one I’m working on, which my husband just declared he liked (to my shock, usually he just smiles and shakes his head at my knitting), and asked if he could take it to his recording studio. However, he wants it about twin bed sized, which had not been in my original plan. This might take a while….
    but yours are an inspiration!

  4. Cathy-Cate

    Thanks, glad to encourage some one. I couldn’t knit one as large as a twin bed as there would be too many stitches. But maybe two joined together afterwards.

    I look forward to seeing your completed afghan.

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