Musical Interludes – Upcoming Concerts

With the semester ending I was able to raise my head above the parapet and see what is happening that might be fun in the future.

I found out about Bela Fleck‘s new CD from the Bluegrass Blog and also that he and Chick Corea are on tour and coming to the Keswick Theatre on June 15th. Tickets are on the pricey side, but there might not be many opportunities to hear those two together.

Chris Thile and How to Grow a Band are at the Baby Grand on June 4th which is just after I get back from a week on the Sloop Clearwater so it might encourage me to leave NYC.

Dan Bern is at East End Cafe, yep down the road, on Saturday May 20 and I think I am going to go – East End Cafe’s website is down so I haven’t been able to reserve a ticket yet.