National Day of Reason & Pete Seeger’s Birthday

Sometimes I really just do not understand this country. Apparently the first Thursday in May is a National Day of Prayer. Why do you need a federally supported Day of Prayer? If you are religious why aren’t you praying every day? It would seem from my confused Church of England schooling that you should be. I have to be careful here, otherwise I might get too disrespectful. After all I grew up in a country that has a state religion and we were sort of taught it at school, even though I got very little at home. My parents were more into politics and how the world worked rather than worrying about the next one.

Fortunately in response, today has also been declared a National Day of Reason as having a federal supported day of prayer is against the constitution which separates church from state.

I think it is appropriate having May 3rd as a Day of Reason as it is also Pete Seeger’s birthday.

Pete Seeger

Now, there is a voice a reason if there ever was one. As a birthday present you can sign a petition to nominate Pete for a Nobel Peace prize.

I first read about the Day of Reason, and the day of prayer, over at Living the Scientific Life.


One thought on “National Day of Reason & Pete Seeger’s Birthday

  1. I am a Christian who prays regularly, but I find a National Day of Prayer to be totally lame and frankly stupid for many reasons (including those you mentioned above).

    I fully support a complete separation of church and state. I don’t want my state telling me what to believe and I don’t want my religion to tell my state what to do. A fair and effective government cannot be run by a religion. That does not mean the elected officials can’t be personally affect by religion, but it cannot be the only consideration.

    This is a loaded topic, but I’ll stop there.

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