Signs that Spring is here!

Actually, it might be summer given the gorgeous weather we are currently having.

My yard is full of spring ephemerals – the flowers do not last very long once it gets warm. Currently my front garden is very colorful. I need more spring flowers in the back garden. Lots of pictures to come.

I ate my first asparagus on Saturday. My own asparagus, from my garden.

Spring peepers are peeping their little hearts out at night.

A bat (I only saw one at a time) was flying around last night. A bat in April.

I rode my bike into work today – for the first time in months. I still need to cycle home – I hope I’m not too stiff tomorrow.

Ag Day is Saturday. The college is gearing up for its biggest event of the year – and everyone is going slightly mental. Even people not involved catch Ag Day fever.