Cat Tails – Tractors are Fun

I’ve been having some yard work done. Lots of old tree branches overgrown with honeysuckle have been removed increasing my garden by a third. To do the removal they used a tractor, which they left overnight. Murphy thought it was fun:

Murphy and tractor

Unfortunately, I don’t have a shot of him when he was looking up at the tractor out of the loader. It was what made me run for my camera though.

Back garden Friday morning before clearance:

back garden before

Back garden Saturday evening:

Back garden after

It is going to be seeded with grass. My preference not to use fertilizer was met with a frown and “it’s up to you” with a shrug. I am meant to be looking up organic fertilizers, but I want to the grass grow and then spread corn gluten. It is what I use on the rest of the lawn.

Murphy will miss the overgrown bit – it is where all the wild animals hid. Groundhogs, rabbits and even deer have appeared from that part of the garden. The deer gave me a fright as they weren’t more than 50 meters away from me when they leapt out of the brush.

It makes my garden look like a proper suburban garden. Sigh. Actually I am delighted and wish I had done the clearance years ago. I want, eventually, to plant fruit trees back there and put in a pond. I have all the windows open and I can hear spring peepers (frogs) and I want to encourage more of them. I also need to sort out the water problem in my yard. I must get water from the estate behind me, as it is uphill. The water rushes through my yard down through my neighbours’ yard and into the garage of their neighbours. One day, sometime, next year.


2 thoughts on “Cat Tails – Tractors are Fun

  1. Ok, wow, the yard looks immense!! I actually thought the overgrown part was intentional (as in you were going for some sort of wild garden look). I am glad you like the yard results though. You have a lot more space for planting now. Cool.

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