Food Fables

Molecule of the Day informs us about inulin. I remember being told that during World War 1, jerusalem artichokes were grown to feed the military and had a less desirable effect without providing any calories. Oops. Pity the poor soldiers in the trenches.

Carbon-based curiosities shares a study from Leeds University (my PhD alma mater) which describes the perfect bacon butty as an equation. Additional reporting by the BBC as the original NYT is Times Select (mutter, mutter).

Science To Life reports on a new method to test if food is organically grown.

Cognitive Daily discusses research on whether smaller portion sizes really helps dieters.

Friday Sprog blogging on Adventures in Ethics and Science revisits the five second rule.

The Sceptical Chymist blogs on the trial of McNeil – can Splenda’s advertising include the phrase: “made from sugar, so it tastes like sugar”? Merisant, producers of Equal and Nutrasweet do not like it!

Food Network’s first ever awards ceremony

FDA take Hi-Tech to court. What did not they do to their products?

…blown up to include accusations not only of using ephedra after the ban, but also: planning to assassinate an FDA agent and blackmail an assistant U.S. attorney; spiking “dietary supplements” with pharmaceuticals; importing illegal steroids; making fake Ecstasy tablets sold on U.S. streets; and making a muscle-building drink later marketed as a cleaning solution to avoid federal investigators. These allegations are a part of the current indictment facing Hi-Tech and 11 executives and an alleged illegal Internet pharmacy operated out of Belize.