Yarn Yarns – Playing with Color

I never should have got side tracked into looking at the Mason Dixon knitting blog because that lead me to January One and her post about using Adobe Photoshop to select colors. She got the idea from Knitting on Impulse. I decided to try this for my Mother’s Day Afghan.

Using a picture of Ruthy of the Mammals (it was already open in Photoshop as I was using it earlier for Ruth’s Wikipedia page):


I filtered it using the stained glass filter (under Textures in the Filter menu) with the cell size set to 10:

Knitting color

Then, using the the dropper tool, I sucked up some of the colors from the bottom left corner and, in a new document, I made a palette:

playing palette

When I got home last night I chose wool based on the stained glass picture as the palette did not print out well. (If I intend to do this a lot, I need a better printer.)

Yarn selection

This morning, I redid the palette from the picture. Then I added the yarn colors at the bottom:

Final Palette

Not a bad match?

So I started knitting. I am doing it log cabin style as that is very straight forward. I decided to chose the number of garter ridges randomly. As I could not find any dice, I used a spinning top and a wheel drawn on paper with numbers 1 – 8 in the spokes. For each patch, I spun the top twice and added up the numbers, so I could have everything from 2 – 16 ridges of garter stitch. This is how far I’ve got:

Start of Mother’s Day Afghan


4 thoughts on “Yarn Yarns – Playing with Color

  1. I love it – and the yarn does match the original quite nicely! I sometimes photograph my yarns to do some rough virtual swatching before committing fibre to the real thing, especially if it’s expensive yarn or in limited supply.

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