Food Fables

Beer Uses Link

Sugar substitutes and aspartame controversy

Root beer only safe soda to drink (also heard on NPR)

Meat enriched with heavy isotopes

Healthier pizza

Burger King says no to caged animals (NYT link)

Razib, of Gene Expression, is taste testing different hot sauces. Reviewed so far is Dave’s Insanity Sauce and Ass in Space

If organic food is so good for us, why don’t we all eat it?

Retinal and vision

Antioxidants: TBHQ good or bad?

Testing beef for mad cow disease – USDA

Playing with your food: Sodium alginate pearls

What makes red meat red?

Does light really mean lighter?  A two part series.


One thought on “Food Fables

  1. By linking to the Wisconsin Ag Connection version of this story are you subtly making fun of cheese-heads?
    ” because it is non-carbonated and do not contain any acids “

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