Blue Flower

Blue Flower

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I don’t remember what this is called. Any one know?

It is about 6″ high and just flowered. It looks like a baby iris.

I should know, I planted them!


5 thoughts on “Blue Flower

  1. I don’t know what it is, but I’m jealous. Here in MN a two day warm stretch got everything coming out of the ground. Now we’ve had a week of not getting above freezing and it has stopped (or killed) anything from progressing. It is an annoying holding pattern. Winter is fun, but it is time for the colors and smells of Spring. Apparently that is still about a week away.

    Thanks for the pictures.

  2. I’m glad you posted as I was told that “my problem” was sorted out. Cheers to WordPress. I made a fuss and they got it sorted. Now I don’t have to trawl through the spam filter to find you. I always felt dirty afterwards.

    If it is any comfort, we’ve gone back to winter – it was below freezing this morning and we have been threatened snow flurries tonight. The magnolias, which were beautiful yesterday, are going to go brown. Sigh.

    From what I remember of MN – winter typically went on until Memorial Day. So you have two months left of potential blizzards – ha ha! Now I remember why I moved away.

  3. It’s a dwarf iris, probably either Iris reticulata (pixie) or, less likely, Iris pumila. 🙂

  4. Thanks, I have to get more for next year. They are so pretty and flower nice and early.

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