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4 Apr 2007

Yarn Yarns – Jester’s Jacket

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Previously, I mentioned that I was finally putting together a freestyle jacket (scroll down). It is finally finished, and ended up being renamed Jester’s Jacket because of the way the colors work.

The only finished picture I have was taken at Sunday’s guild meeting:

Jester’s Jacket

I do have some pictures of the jacket before I put the sleeves on. Here is the back:

JJ back

And here are some of the detail. This crocheted spiral is on right front:

JJ detail 1

I’m not sure where the rest of these are:

JJ detail 3

JJ detail 2

JJ detail 4

Having finished that, I returned to the one I started with the yarn from NC.

Old blue scrumbles

However, I decided that these scrumbles were too big and ripped most of them out. I also decided to try just knitting. Most of the books on freeform are both crochet and knitting, with an emphasis towards crochet. I wanted to be different. I am also a much better knitter. Here is my first new blue scrumble:

blue scrumble

I also bought new yarn last week, no of it pictures yet. Chestnut Hill has two yarn shops, the Tangled Web and the Knit With. Both were quite different. Whoever smokes near/above the Knit With should stop. It make the store unpleasant for those of us who are sensitive to smoke.

At Sunday’s guild meeting Demian from Blue Heron Yarns came and showed off and sold yarn to us. His mum decides on the color ways, which are gorgeous:

Blue Heron Yarns


I didn’t buy these, some else in the guild shares my color preferences.



  1. Hooray, it is finished and looks quite good! I think Jester’s Jacket is a lovely name, looks a bit like motley to me.

    Comment by Lisa — 4 Apr 2007 @ 4:01 pm

  2. Great work in very interesting colors. Regards Jenny

    Comment by jenny — 11 May 2007 @ 2:37 pm

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