Why I did a PhD

I did a PhD because I was bored as an assistant lab technician in the local agricultural college. The PhD fellowship was tax free and so I worked out I would be as well off as in “paid” employment and I would gain a PhD at the end of it.

Fortunately, I landed on my feet and haven’t looked back since.

I come from an academic family. I am a university brat – my dad is a professor (now emeritus). When I got my B.Sc. and my brother and I were celebrating; he raised a toast to my PhD. Which at the time I had no intention of doing. None. Never.

A few months later, I started dating and then living with a starting out faculty member. Not one of mine; different subject. Two years later, I was in a PhD program sans partner, but he drove me to it. Intellectual snobbery can go a long way.

This came up in a conversation yesterday with Suzanne (Zuska), and I thought I should share.


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