It is times like this…

I love being a scientist! Four abstracts have been accepted by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) for poster presentations at the Annual Meeting in Chicago. It is not until July, so I have plenty of time to get the posters ready.

The abstract titles are (with links to relevant blog posts and abstracts at the IFT Annual Meeting website):

  • Effect of lipids and emulsifiers on the rheological behavior of corn starch gels (IFT link)
  • Effect of flaxseed meal on the viscosity of water-egg white-oil mixtures (IFT link)
  • Effect of calcium concentration and other parameters on the gel strength of low ester pectin (IFT link)
  • The browning of amino acids and glucose in acetate and citrate buffers (IFT link)

The research was not just carried out by me. Of course, I have lab slaves. Actually, the first two were food chemistry class projects as well as continuation of previous research. An undergraduate researcher, Michael Keller, also helped with the last project and is my co-presenter. I have other undergraduate researchers continuing the work from the first two. Yay for undergrad researchers!

The low ester pectin research was carried out by my Master’s student, Andy Hoefler. He was in his earlier fifties when he graduated in May 2003, but unfortunately, that summer was diagnosed with lung cancer (he smoked for over 20 years) and finally, sadly, succumbed in August 2005. I decided it was time to get his research published, which is challenging as Andy knew everything about pectin and I don’t have him to consult. 😦 He is, obviously, listed as a co-author.

Getting these accepted makes it all worthwhile!


3 thoughts on “It is times like this…

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  3. I was a former colleague of Andy Hoefler’s at Hercules. I never got to see his final thesis on LM pectin.

    Can you let me know how I can get a copy?

    thanks and thanks for knowing Andy and getting his work out!

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