I’m a thinking blogger!

At least according to Shelley, at Retrospecatcle, I am! This means I get to proudly wear this badge on my blog:

Thinking Blogger

It also means that I get to choose my top five “thinking blogs”. Which is hard. I defined it as blogs that changed the way I think and managed these:

Thus Spake Zuska has helped me look at the professional issues I face in new light. I.e. I am not alone. Start with her “Puke on his shoes” and join in the course on the Joy of Science.

Respectful Insolence has really taught me to think critically about anything I read, especially medical claims. His Friday Woo series are not to be missed.

Khymos makes me look at food from a slightly different angle. I’ll never be a molecular gastronomy but using food science to actually prepare freshly produced food is very interesting. Currently, Khymos is doing a series on the key factors you should understand to carry out practical gastronomy.

Eating Fabulous. Unfortunately Ruth has been looking after her Dad and not posting much. Normally she posts interesting snippets about the latest research on food and diet.

Finally a knitting blog. If this one was still going they would get my Thinking Blogger Award, but as it closed down last summer I have to elect Mason-Dixon Knitting instead.

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