Food Fables

Whole Foods Supermarket – In trouble again?

UK’s Food Standards Agency’s chief scientist has a blog

370 made ill from Salmonella in peanut butter

No big surprise: Prince Charles doesn’t like McDonald’s.

Also in Britain – they’ve had a humus scare. So make your own says the Guardian Leader…but I’ve never peeled my chickpeas. My recipe:

Dried chick peas soaked and cooked.
Drain, retaining some liquid.
Place in blender or food processor.
Add lemon juice, tahini and garlic to taste.
Whirr, add water if necessary
Add olive oil and paprika for texture and color.
Eat with pita.

Last summer they had a chocolate scare: now Cadbury is facing prosecution for producing food unfit to eat. Lots of jokes about British food come to mind and Cadbury is not part of them.

Molecular Gastronomy: Heat Transfer


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  1. IMHO until we stop over processing our food chain these scare will continue – we must get away from this “chemicalisation” of food…for us OR our pets

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