Musical Interludes – Guthrie Family Legacy Tour

Oh, yeah, on Friday Arlo, Abe, Sarah Lee, Johnny Irions and Gordon Titcomb came to the Grand Opera House in Wilmington, DE for a concert on their Guthrie Family Legacy Tour. It was great! Unsurprisingly I took photos. I wasn’t using the flash [I love digital cameras] and I had checked the program and no where did it say no photographs. Despite that, one of the usherettes told me that I shouldn’t do it. I still did ;) Here they are:








I love Arlo’s stories, even the ones that I have heard a hundred times before and know almost word for word (I’ve got a copy of “Live in Sydney“). He did my favorite Arlo quote, which comes from the introduction of “Flying into Los Angeles”:

Officer, you don’t understand, I’m not half the trouble I had hoped to be”

They performed a mixture of Arlo songs, Sarah Lee and Johnny Songs and Woody Guthrie songs. Many were new which made it more special. I particularly liked the encore which was a Woody song set to music by Arlo and called something like “A little peace of me”. Actually, it is called “My Peace” as I just found it in the Woody Guthrie archives.

I did not expect to see so many people wearing fur coats at an Arlo Guthrie concert. I guess that’s what hippies have come to these days. At least the ones in Delaware. It was a great concert, but fur coats and Arlo just don’t go together in my mind. When ever I see some one with a fur coat, I think of the old anti-fur slogan:

It takes a dumb animal to wear one.

One day I’m gonna take pictures of the audience as well as the performers. I won’t post them here though. I’m very leary of posting personal pictures of people as opposed to performance photographs. Backs of people should be ok?

As always photos are © cdavies 2007. Unless you are the subject of the photograph or have my permission, do not use these pictures.


3 thoughts on “Musical Interludes – Guthrie Family Legacy Tour

  1. The pictures look very nice and I am glad you enjoyed the concert. Are you planning to take pictures when we go to Ladysmith?

  2. Hi Lisa

    If I can! If you don’t mind and there isn’t anything say “no photography” in the program.

    Looking forward to it.

  3. Came across your stuff through my own site as a referral through yours. I shot that concert in Redwood city. Not bad considering..
    Shooting low light without flash is a bitch huh! The blues indicate maybe you set your camera towards a
    florescent setting maybe, try sunlight and a faster ISO. You could just request comp tickets so you could shoot more up close.
    Good Luck, ron

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