Friday Food Links

So I was going to read these and comment on them sometime in the last month. Still here they are for your weekend reading pleasures.

Healthy Donuts?

Sodium bisulfite/bisulphite

What makes a tomato?

Extra lead with your multivitamin, sir?

Meat consumption crazy

Eating too much junk food isn’t always a problem

Beer under the microscope

Golden Eggs

Unhappy meals. Michael Pollan’s NYT magazine article. With commentary: Nutritionism

Nutrition Science all bad? and more.

Coffee not giving you enough caffeine, try these or these (hattip Chemgeek)

Not enough edges on your brownies, Cooking for Engineers tries Baker’s Edge

What are the top healthiest foods? Let us hope they don’t have any of the top ten foodborne pathogens

Want to try molecular gastronomy at home? Here’s some tips. If you just want to start cooking try these five cardinal rules.

My local coop has a blog.

Best glass for bubbles?

The best way to store oils, fats and beer.


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  1. I’m glad you think so. They are typically items that I would like to post on but don’t have time or have been posted on enough by other people.

    Feel free to send me any links you think are interesting:

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