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I am back at work after a hectic and fun weekend at the Science Blogging Conference.  I had a great time.  The conference was incredibly well organized and other than coffee not arriving first thing Saturday morning, I don’t think anything went else wrong. Kudos to Anton, Bora and Paul.

I probably should think of something pithy and meaningful to write, but my brain is fried.  I spent the afternoon analyzing data.  Such fun and the data is vaguely exciteing, but it exercises the math side of my brain, obviously leaving the language part stagnating and tired.

The best thing for the conference for me was meeting all the other bloggers.  I’m not going to list names as I can guarantee that I’ll miss some one out.  I enjoyed meeting every one, especially Zuska.  On Saturday after dinner and hot chocolate we talked until one am about life, the universe and especially our role(s) in it.  And what’s great, we don’t live that far apart!

I learnt so much and I am feeling very motivated about blogging especially full of ideas of science and education posts for your reading pleasures.

I have some photos and will get round to posting them here or on flickr or somewhere sometime.  Don’t hold your breathe but visit Bora’s photos which should keep you going for now.


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