Too Much Water

I mentioned in a previous post how much water we should drink but I don’t think I emphasized enough that you can have too much water. Now some one died after drinking too much water as part of a competition to win a Wii. It isn’t worth it! Orac has a couple of posts (1 & 2) and Radagast explains what goes wrong when you drink too much water.

It really is a stupid way to die!


3 thoughts on “Too Much Water

  1. I read about that on Associated Content. What really put that person in danger was an electrolyte imbalance.

    Reasonable water consumption through the course of a day won’t endanger any healthy person who’s eating a balanced diet, (and not running a marathon).

  2. I just hope no one else comes up with such a silly/dangerous competition.

    One of the local bars once had cheap drinks as long as no one used the restroom. The first person to do so was booed. At least that was until the local residents complained about the peeing in the parking lot.

  3. I am 59 years old male, 183 cm tall, 86 kg. In the year 2000 I’ve read about Water Therapy, so for the last 9 years I am drinking 1.5 litters of water at once (within 2 minutes), first thing in the morning on empty stomach. Simply for sickness prevention purposes.
    Beside wanted side-effects (instant purification of the body by frequent urination, stools) I did not have any major negative side-effects (except very rare headache). Am I putting myself in danger of water intoxication by doing that? Or should I continue because no major health problems for 9 years?

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