Friday Food Links

UV/Vis spectrum of pomegranate juice

Haven’t I mentioned this one before? The Beeb finally catches up to the story on capsaicin and cancer prevention

Popular this week – how to annoy most Brits: drinking tea black is better for your health. Being unBritish in this respect as I don’t really like tea! I like herbal tisanes but not tea-tea.

Everything you need to know about citrus from Curious Cooks

Build your own beer opener and server: videos at Khymos.

You should go and say “Hi” to Homebrew and Chemistry. The Chemgeek wants company 😉 And as it is delurking week, say “Hi” here first.

Not science but still food, lots of it, and music to go with it. In fact, this is the video for Banquete de los Sanchez, one of the songs from the CD Que Vaya Bien which I reviewed last month. The food looks delicious, and the music is great too. Mmmm, I’m hungry now.