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british museum 

Last Friday I went with my Mum to London to visit the British Museum and feast on Indian food.

Luckily for us the trains were running well and while crowded, we got seats opposite each other and arrived in London in good time for the Indian Buffet we had decided on eating. 

At the BM we went to the exhibit “The Past from Above” which was photos of archeological sites with information about them with some artifacts.  It went through six continents showing old and even older sites.  It was exhausting, we felt like we had done a lot of travelling.  The pictures were very impressive, except a couple of time we would have liked distance scales on the pictures as it was hard to tell the scale.  All in all the exhibit was well worth visiting. I’m probably going to get the catalog eventually sent to the US – it was to heavy to carry with me.

We stopped at the Ruskin cafe for tea and then headed back to Euston via a bookshop (no surprise there). We arranged it badly though and had to wait ages at the station before there was a train to Brum.  However, the train was practically empty and it ran on time(ish) and we were home in good time.

Unfortunately, on the way home my version of the Christmas cold being shared around the family started and I’ve been recuperating since.  Guess I caught the New Year’s eve edition.


2 thoughts on “British Museum

  1. Happy New Year Cathy!! Sorry that you have a cold, but glad you seem to be having a good time at home. The British Museum (sigh!!) – I wanted to live there. I think they could have set me up very nicely in a storage area somewhere and let me wander about at night – ok, proabbly not. I’d be a good little museum geek, really I would!!

  2. If I was locked in a museum I would prefer the natural history museum or the V&A, but the BM would be fun.

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