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hatOne advantage of being away is that I have had plenty of time for knitting.  I knitted this hat from the top down*, making up the patterns as I went along.

I started by casting on 8 stitches**.

Using 5 double pointed needles I joined them in a circle, with 2 stitches per needles and the spare needle for the new stitches.

The first row is knitted.

Next row is an increase row: M1 (or yarn over), K1 (16 stitches; 4 stitches per needle).

Knit every other row.

Increase every other row, next time every second stitch, then every third, every 4th, 5th until there are enough stitches for the hat to fit around your head.  This means the hat increase by 8 stitches each increase row.

You don’t even need to check your guage first as you can check it once you have got enough stitches to measure an inch or two.

Once the hat has the dimensions you want keep knitting until it is long enough to cover your ears.

Change to circular needles when you have enough stithces. It will feel tight for a row or two after changing but then it will get easier.

You can use any pattern you want, even lace. Just allow for guage differences between different yarns and knitting patterns.

I wanted to try Fair Isle and I was lucky that I needed 120 stitches as that is divisible by by the prime numbers 2,3,5 giving me lots of options for patterns. 

hat detail 

For this hat, as I don’t like a rib finish I did a 3 stitch picot crotchet – single crotchet (US) 3 stitches, chain 3 stitches into next stitch all the way round.

hat tassel 

I also put a tassel on the top of the hat to make it look more sporty.

I did forget to allow for the fact that Fair Isle knitting tightens up the guage and so it came out a little tight.  Nothing that washing and blocking won’t resolve. 

*The pattern is from Barbara Walker’s Knitting from the Top Down.

I also make  top down hats that increase every other stitch every other row or you can increase every other stitch every 1st, 2nd, 3rd row knitting inbetween.  Depends on the style of hat you want.

**I used Knit Pick’s Palette and size 3 US needles.


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