Yarn Yarns – Jean’s Scarf

Using the Decadent Fiber* I bought at Stitches last month, I knitted my choir friend JB a scarf:

J’s Scarf

The colors are lovely – all red wine colors, berries and browns.

J’s scarf 2

The details don’t come out very well. I cast on 15 stitches and then worked a 1×1 rib:

S1, (k1, P1) repeat ( ) to last stitch, p1

repeat the row ad nauseum.

My intention had been to do the whole scarf in rib, but after about 8 rows I got bored of that and so I started cabling the stitches around each other. The scarf ended up with cable on both sides, so it is reversible. Once I got to what I decide was half way, I reversed the patterning so that both halves should look the same.

I could not the cabling details to show up well on my photos:

J’s scarf 3

The yarn is heavily colored and the changes subtle:

J’s scarf 4

I’m even sure if JB has realised that the pattern changes – you have to look pretty closely. The yarn was lovely to work, and I have some left so will probably make another scarf or headband. I definitely will be buying Decadent Fibers yarns again and again.

*This is also the yarn that Murphy fell in love with. Remember:

Cat into Yarn