Magical Sunday Edition of Food Fables

I don’t know I decide not to do a food fables for a few weeks and then everyone starts posting on food issues! So this is an extra one, put together when I should be packing – enjoy.

As a yogic vegetarian who is also a scientist, I am always amused by the “new age” rubbish that I get sent or is in the magazines. So this question of Abel Pharmboy Do Wine and Yoga Mix? amused me.

The final straw for my subscription to one vegetarian magazine was “Vegetarian Horoscopes”. Shudder. I didn’t need to know that Aries should be eating more tofu this month. Actually from what I recall, it wasn’t a spoof and it gave suggestions about how my love life was going to turn out. Bleuh. I do like yogic exercises and I appreciate the philosophy a lot, but theories and therapies should be testable, thanks. Crystals, hmph. So make mine a Merlot.

Studying the wizarding world’s food science could be good fun. How do they produce all that food? How does Hagrid’s engorgement charm work? What effect does it have on the nutritional quality? In the muggles world, food technologists have already recreated Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans and Chocolate Frogs. What else should we bring from the wizarding world? Bora reports that some muggle physicians are comparing muggle and wizarding medicine.

Dr Charles reports that there might be a cure for diabetes. That would be magical for diabetics. Capsaicin a new wonder drug?

No magic here, just common sense as vegetarians are smarter.

Even Noroviruses are black magic (sorry, Black Magic is a variety of chocolates from England), but the cure is simple, says Mike the Mad Biologist. Just WASH YOUR HANDS.

Steve from Omini Brain asks if iodine is a magical cure for stupidity? It was, after all, the first nutrient to be added to food as fortification.


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