Friday Food Fables – December 15 2006

There are a lot of food stories again this week. Lots of yummy food reading for your pleasure. Due to my Xmas vacation, FFF may not be appearing again until Jan 12th 2007. Merry Christmas and Happy Hogmanay; may your 2007 be bright.

USA chicken unsafe to eat?

Schlosser in NYT on whether politics has contaminated the US food supply (hattip GS)

What is happening to the US food supply (NYT)?

Eating disorder websites – a risk?

Happy Birthday FDA! What does the future have in store for you? Unfortunately, this article is mostly about the drug side of the FDA. Effect Measure has an interesting post on problems with regulation and a safe food supply – what can we do in the US?

Not food, but ever wondered what the right way to sneeze or cough? This video has the answer!

Can wine be artificially aged?

Waddsup with this – Tofu is turning people gay? and here.

Fellow Flecktones fan Sri has been cooking for the last month – 30 vegetarian meals all looking plate licking good. After the holidays I’m gonna be tryin’ some of these. The last one is here.

Don’t forget to visit Eating Fabulous – she has lots of exciting posts about food and health for your reading pleasure.