Food Fables Dec 8 2006

Busy with end of semester stuff. How many parties can students and faculty have in one week?

Now on to final bits of grading. To keep you distracted there have been lots of food links this week. Enjoy.

Taste and genetics

Bulimia more prevalent in cities

Economics and weight [in NYT so subscription might be required] (via FP)

Atkins Chair at Tufts

Chicken & vegetable soup is a good cold cure. Discuss says Revere. Responses by: Janet and John, [sorry, I couldn’t resist – actually J & J start getting into philosophy of science and demaracation etc.] and Abel Pharmboy.

Improving food quality – this is up my alley – better nutrients in beer!

More food poisoning out breaks – Taco Bell in NJ and NY, and Philly. Green onions are responsible

Taste test for depression?

NY bans most trans fats

Is the success of the organic movement leading to its demise?

More reviews on the Ominivore’s Dilemma from Bora and Amanda

Article in NYT on Food Science by Harold McGee (Hattip Abel Pharmboy (thanks))