Food Fables Dec 1 2006

Is the FDA doing enough to remove benzene from soda?

Something new to do with that left over turkey? Look at them down the microscope!

Confused about antibiotics and resistance. Fear no longer, Sandra has a primer and also compares synthetic and natural drugs

Undeclared anchovies – oops, must have mixed up that cheese and turkey with my fish.

Edible cotton?

An old post but new to me – what is in your doughnut?

Watch where you store those Streptomyces cultures

So what do you eat in a week?

A more nutritious variety of wheat. The extra zinc and iron is all very well, but bake with it or does the extra protein change this? Interesting the blurb about the project that did this study does not mention working with food scientists despite being at UCDavis which has a great food science department. I could not create a new food ingredient without trying it!

Do not forget to visit Eating Fabulous – there are new posts on omega-3 fatty acids, resveratrol and chocolate as well as other food health information.

For a longer life keep drinking wine!

Better healthy food labels – will this make it easier to chose what food to eat?