Food Fables Nov 17 2006

One day I’ll have time to check these links out myself. Sigh.

Is a burrito a sandwich?

Will hemp seeds in bread make your kids happy?

Do mice like red wine?

Molecule of the Day: Saccharin

Cognitive Daily: Caffeine and concentration

Are red meat and breast cancer linked?

Draft Voluntary National Retail Food Regulatory Program Standards released by the FDA (hat tip IFT)

This week IFT also released Scientific Status Summaries on Organic Food and Food Nanotechnology.

FDA release two programs to help consumers understand the Nutrition Facts Panel: Make Your Calories Count interactive training program and a nutrition facts brochure (pdf). I’ll be using these in my freshman class next year!

Is there a problem with using corn to produce fuel rather than food? What about cost?

Janet reports on a ridiculous reaction to breast feeding. Sign the petition!