Yarn Yarns – Stitches East 2006

A few of us drove over to Baltimore yesterday to spend our hard earned money at Stitches Market.

You could not take pictures in the market place, but here are some photos of the yarn I bought.

Oasis Yarn

Glass Button

This gorgeous glass button was made by Cheryl Kumiski who is based in Maine. I need to make something to go with the button!

Cat and Yarn

Cat into Yarn

The yarn that Murphy became enraptured with is by Decadent Fibers. It is Creme Puff. I’ve already started knitting with it.

In addition, I bought a gift for the knitting guild holiday gift exchange at Pearl’s Knitwits. She had bags, t-shirts, calendars, and cards with very funny knitticisms. I have a pattern on order from Y2knit – I really like the shell in this combo and was going to buy some of Tess’ Designer Yarns microfiber ribbon to make it. My friend, who I asked for help with the color choice, already has yarn in one of the colors that I wanted. Good thing I asked for her advice before buying it.

I have to take some more pictures of the rest as the first set of photos are not very good. So post will be continued!

One last plug before I go: Save the children is doing Caps to the Capital campaign. The idea is to knit or crochet a cap to fit a newborn child, send it to STC and they will distribute it for you. Also send a letter to the President so that he knows we care about newborn children around the world.






2 thoughts on “Yarn Yarns – Stitches East 2006

  1. You got some good deals – beautiful yarn. Murphy looks like he is ready to make a nest in that photo. I don’t blame him, the yarn looks soft and warm. It’s also a very “you” color.

  2. Unfortunately for Murphy the yarn is now wound into balls so I could knit with it.

    Also the colors came out poorly – it is much darker than in the photos – more purple and brown than pink and purple.

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