Friday Food Fables (Nov 3 06)

I started these links as I didn’t have time to keep up to date with all the food news occuring each week.  Now Friday Food Fables have taken a life of their own.  Do you find them helpful?

Fat people are being blamed for global warming! I particularly liked the comments to this post. Overweight people cause less than 1% increase in gasoline usage!

PZ can’t chew gum and walk at the same time because his gum dissolves when he eats it. He also doesn’t have to worry about it twisting around his heart and all those other mother’s/wife’s tales to do with swallowing a wad of gum. I admit that I first thought he had severe dental problems!

Jake has a cool video on exploding food.

Shelley reports on how resveratrol on red wine can extend life spans. Pass that glass! Abel Pharmboy adds his comments about this study as does Cortunix. Keep my glass full!

Hallowe’en candy taxonomy. Visit World’s Fair and see if you agree! Being a Brit, I always have to remember that Smarties are not the Smarties I grew up with. Follow links for that to make sense! Also Hershey chocolate should not be listed – it is nasty stuff.

Tomorrow in Slower Lower DE is the punkin chuckin’ competition. Visit Page 3.14 to find out more about it.

Microwaving French fries before frying might reduce the formation of acrylamide.

Is the food production and supply system breaking down. Tomatoes have been linked to the latest food borne illness outbreak. Accidental Hedonist reports

New Scientist (may need subscription) lists the ten roads to fatsville.

Sort of food related: NO MORE SEA FISH in 50 years.

Tumeric may help with arthritis. The Beeb and Eating Fabulous both report…  Mmmm, I’m going to have curry tonight.

I have my own opinions on diet and colorectal cancer being that I have been vegetarian for 20 something years, and still had a large precancerous adenoma which required surgery last year.  Still  grape seed extracts may help.

The Guardian reports on the intergovernmental meeting to end World Hunger.  Only unfortunately, the number of malnourished people in the world has increased in the last ten years.