Food Fables 27 Oct Edition

Bora writes about how sleep can affect your weight. Also if you sleep longer, there is less time to think about food. Then he links to this old New Yorker Shouts and Murmurs article. ‘Scuse me a minute, while I catch up my sleep – I need to lose a few pounds.

FDA to approve cloned meat and dairy for food consumption.

Don’t forget to check out Eating Fabulous. This week articles on strawberries, fluoridated water, cranberries and the failure of the dietary supplement, DSHEA, to counteract the effects of aging. The study on DSHEA lead to a discussion on what should happen with dietary supplement research. Starting with an an editorial by Robert Bazell, which was then discussed by Tara, Abel Pharmboy and Orac who also discuss what should happen to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, now dietary supplements have been proved to be mostly worthless.

David Ng over at World’s Fair describes the effects of roasting on coffee, even mentioning my favorite reaction, the Maillard reaction. Hey, it so cool that some one else is writing about my research!

Vegetables better than fruit for maintaining memory.

Advertising junk food to children – problems with loop holes with UK junk food laws.

Molecular gastronomy does not exist says the so called father of molecular gastronomy. Ha, lets call it food science again, shall we!

Isn’t this called anorexia? Starvation dieting.

This reminds me of one of my favorite jokes:

Man goes to see his doctor.

After a physical exam, the doctor says:

“You should give up smoking, drinking, sex and eating fat, chocolate, junk food, snack food and meat”

The man looks stunned and stummers:

“Why Doc, I didn’t know it was so serious. This will make me live longer, right?”

Doc looks at the man before he says:

“No, but it will feel like it”


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  3. Bora was nearly correct I think the formula is , the more time you spend sleeping the less time you have to eat..I’m sorry I cannot say more have to wobble of to bed this very minute ..BYE

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