Original Thinkers, Revolutionary Voices

I’ve been enjoying getting these quotes and commentary from Alan Clements at the World Dharma Institute. I first read about Alan Clements’ work in Yoga Journal. I am a half hearted practitioner of asana yoga – that is I like the exercise and some of the philosophy. Mind you, being a yogic vegetarian means I get some interesting junk mail. It is assumed that I must be totally in agreement with all the new age gimmicks and therefore totally uncritical in my thinking. It is a pity that the stereotype for yogic vegetarians is to be an airhead.

For your philosophical pleasures here is an invitation to subscribe to a free service: Freedom brought to your in box Every Week….

Original Thinkers, Revolutionary Voices
World Dharma’s Freedom Quote & Commentary of the Week.

The World Dharma Online Network has just launched a new free service, called, The Freedom Quote and Commentary of the Week. The Network’s Co-founder, Alan Clements, a former Buddhist monk, war reporter, author, and iconoclastic spiritual/political commentator, calls the service an evolving exploration into the complex nature of freedom from revolutionary voices and original thinkers – daring women and men – often unknown to the many – but with one thing in common – courage – an unwillingness to conform, play it safe or be anything other than themselves The service also reflects Clements long-time dedication to Aung San Suu Kyi, Nobel Peace laureate and the imprisoned leader of Burma’s democracy movement.

Freedom Quote and Commentary of the Week :Original Thinkers, Revolutionary Voices

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