Cat’s Modern Folk Music Introduction

I was creating a CD for a friend to introduce her to my folk music favorites. This is the list:

1) The Barely Works – Back To The Mountains
2) The Barely Works – Liberty/Blackberry Blossom/The Cuckoo’s Nest
3) Béla Fleck & The Flecktones – Puffy
4) Thierry “Titi” Robin – Florica
5) Thierry “Titi” Robin – Rovave, Sa Rovave (chant : Maria)
6) Artisan – Dancing With Words
7) Artisan – Too Old To Care
8 ) The Mammals – Solo Le Pido Dios
9) The Mammals – Follow Me To Carthage
10) Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irions – Exploration
11) Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irions – In Lieu of Flowers
12) Bill Staines – Child of Mine
13) Bill Staines – River
14) The Mammals – Chan Chan
15) The Mammals – Bad Shoes Blues
16) Davy Spillane – Mistral
17) Sharon Shannon – Phil Cunningham Set
18) Sharon Shannon – Tickle Her Leg

It isn’t complete or exhaustive, but at least it is a place to start. Unsurprizingly it is heavily weighted towards the Mammals, but then I want her to understand what it is that I am raving about. It will be interesting to repeat this exercise in a few years and see if I use the same songs.


2 thoughts on “Cat’s Modern Folk Music Introduction

  1. I suggest you also try Kate MacLeod and the Pancakes in tracks 8 through 13 inclusive from her album “Breakfast.” She is particulalry compelling in “The Greenwood Side,” an old Irish or English folksong also known as “The Cruel Mother.” The lyrics of the latter vary considerably from version to version as a quick Web search will demonstrate. She is less interesting when she sings against a noisy background, but on these tracks her voice transports me.

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