Friday Food Fables (Oct 13 2006)

I could be better at spotting Food Links but there seem to be a lot of food news this week.

So for your food reading pleasures:

I forgot this last week: Interview with Michael Pollan

Make your own gummy worms

Friday Woo (from Oct 6th) – H2Om

Lactisole and 2E-6Z nonadienal from Molecule of the Day

Coke and Osteoporosis – one of the biggest problems with soda is that it replaces milk as a drink. This reduces calcium intake. Colas have an additional challenge to bone health as the phosphoric acid present may pull calcuim from the bones. A research study may have confirmed that the more cola drunk, the worse the bone density.

Spice Test – don’t do it at home. Be prepared to suffer – just watching this is painful!

WSJ on alternative medicine:Abel Pharmboy reports on WSJ on alternative medicine. Does it matter if the medicine is effective or safe? Pop over and see.

Chocolate really does help. Really. But when you are eating make sure you put it in something small since portion size alters how much we eat. After you’ve eaten that chocolate – head out for some exercise as it is good for you.

Omega 3 fatty acids and marijuana reduce risk of Alzheimer’s? Perhaps I should try and make a food product that combines these. I wonder if hemp will be as effective as marijuana? If so, I could make hemp and flaxseed muffins – muffins to keep the brain sane!

This is the book review I’ve been meaning to write – too slow and busy as usual. I might comment on the review when I have had some time to read it. I got there via here. Alternatively, I could just get a move on and write my own review of these books.

Interesting article on Food Engineering in the NYT.