Earworm and Great CDs

I have the English nursery rhyme “Oranges and Lemons” stuck in my head. I don’t know why but every time I start singing, there it is 😦 To remove this earworm, I shall just have to listen to Michael Merenda’s new CD, “Quiver” one more time, so that I replace O&L with one of his. Obviously listening to it constantly (almost) since I got the first one sent out, which arrived yesterday, has not been enough to get the songs written to my personal RAM. Brilliant music and clever lyrics. The opening track Crutch can be downloaded from MMJr’s website. There is also information about how to order it. You should do that, NOW.

Only Mikey could make me feel good about liking being alone as in the last verse of the title song:

I like to be yeah its good enough for me

And I’ll see you by the sea but you must remember please for me

That solitude is medicine

And it is not a sin to sit and quiver

Mikey – if it gets us songs like this and all the others:

When I see your face

I am overcome

Cause you make me feel inside

Just like Jamaican Rum

Just keep on quiverin’ – I am right behind you!

While you are at Mikey’s website – admire the picture he has on his home page. I took that at Woodstock 🙂 using my friend Bill’s camera. I know what I want* for Christmas 😉

I ordered three other CDs last week. The only other one to arrive was Handel’s “Musick for the Royal Fireworks” and “Four Coronation Anthems”, conducted by Robert King with the Choir of New College, Oxford and the King’s Consort. I bought it on the recommendation of my choir director. UD’s Schola Cantorum are singing the fourth of the coronation anthems: “The King Shall Rejoice.” I got it used from Parnassus Records via Amazon. I mention it because of their quick service. The whole CD (I only listened to it once as Quiver got priority!) is very clear and exactingly performed. The music has kept its joy despite the accuracy.

Brilliant line on Prairie Home Companion:

Ketchup Story:

Barb: No wonder we are paranoid, we keep inventing new enemies everyday


* This is what I want. I can put up with getting a used one and/or an earlier model. Really. If you don’t have $1000 to spare! Actually, I intend to buy myself a digital SLR eventually soon.


4 thoughts on “Earworm and Great CDs

  1. Hope you’ve got a new earworm by now. Very cool that your photograph is the one on Mikey’s website.

  2. Hi Lisa

    You’ll have to come round and hear the new CD. It is great. It got rid of my earworm and I don’t have a new one yet.

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