Yarn Yarns

red swatch blanket

These are going to be crotcheted together. Not that it will look like this in the end. I intend to do each color and then join them together into one gigantic blanket. It should keep me nice and warm and remind me about the different projects I’ve knitted in the past:

Labelled red swatch blanket


One thought on “Yarn Yarns

  1. That is a fabulous, industrious, and economical thing, using your swatches from prior projects to make a “memory blanket!” Most times I end up frogging my swatches, so at the end of each of my projects, there isn’t much “waste” yarn left over, yet there’s enough for me to loom up some flowers, which I end up attaching to a felted merino tote I made. I attach them with baby pins/diaper pins, so I can change the motif of the bag when themood strikes, or if someone likes one of the blooms, I can pluck it off and give it away.

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