Food Fables Oct 6 2006

Food science reading for your weekend pleasure.

Article on Raw Milk in the Washington Post

How hard it is to remove pathogens from fresh produce?

Fancy a discworld cake?

Food rant

What makes food disgusting?

Are Americans getting enough folate?

Watch the video – the cookie monster wants healthy food!

Heart Disease cured by berries from the Ghengis Khan Era

Not sure about this study but drinking 100% fruit is not making pre-school children overweight. What about causing dental caries?

Curcumin cures cancer? Part 1 and Part 2.

Food molecules of the week (from Molecule of the Day): Eugenol Stevioside and Furfuryl Mercaptan

What are antioxidants? This is one I might have to answer from a food chemistry perspective in a future post.

Not food – but this is a great video

Finally I registered for the 2007 Science Blogging Conference in N. Carolina. Have you?

See who else is going. For more info click on the cool logo below:
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2 thoughts on “Food Fables Oct 6 2006

  1. I want a Discworld cake – actually, I want a Discworld sculpture that looks like that cake, because I would not eat that cake, because it is too cool!!

    Also, I like that you the Cookie Monster rapping about vegetables linked to your blog. šŸ™‚

    This is sad, you post all this food science, and I comment on fantasy cakes and the Cookie Monster. Oh well, don’t want you to feel your efforts are unappreciated!!

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