Friday’s Food Fables (29/9/06)

I couldn’t resist the alliteration of the title. I’m just not sure how to add the date.

Onwards and upwards (as a rock climbing instructor kept saying), food reading for your pleasure:

Why cats can’t taste sweet

Evolution of alcohol synthesis

Raw Milk Risks and more on raw milk and E.coli

Many people find understanding the food label challenging (not just my students!)

A few weeks ago I posted about food waste being converted into yarn, now packaging is being converted into hog feed

Why food tastes bad to chemotherapy patients

Salads are ready-to-eat?

Janet at Adventures in Ethics and Sciences wants informed spinach salad while feeding the sprogs vegetarian dishes.

Should the factory farming system be overhauled? (NYT may require subscription)

New molecular gastronomy site and blog, khymos

New York City to ban transfats (New Scientist, may require subscription)

This is ironic: sacred water contains arsenic

Banning advertising junk food to children means less money to spend on children’s TV

GMO foods – a liability?

A cook book from Duchy Originals, the Prince of Wales’s food company – this should be a great present for my anglophile American friends. Apparently includes a recipe for Bubble & Squeak [bet it isn’t as good as my Dad’s].

Finally, Orac gets the last word with his Friday Dose of Woo: Coffee the Ultimate Cleanser.