Food Fables Sept 15

I decided to call my weekly food links “Food Fables” to fit with “Cat Tails” and “Yarn Yarns”. As I am trying to post food links every Friday, the cat and yarn stories will wait until the weekend.

The Nation has an forum about how to resolve current food issues

World’s Fair summary of above forum.

Over at ScienceBlogs the question of the week is to do with organic food:

What’s up with organic foods? What are the main arguments for buying organic? Is it supposed to be better for me, or better for the planet, or what? Are organics, in any sense, worth the higher price?

Here are some of their answers: Adventures in Ethics and Science, Discovering Biology, The World’s Fair.

Eureka Alerts on Cranberry Juice benefits, brown seaweed contains fat fighting chemicals, combining two of my interests; what I don’t eat I can knit by turn food waste into yarn.

Cognitive Daily on the language of color and on how eye structure influences color categories. And a related post on eye evolution by Pharyngula. I intend to write more on colour – a continuation of an earlier post.

Molecule of the Day on Tyramine (toxic cheese), trans fats and diallyl sulfide (garlic smell).

An article found through Tangled Bank at balancing life on finding a sour receptor in mice.

Via Megnut: A good article about Roquefort Cheese. While I don’t agree with the biases of this article, Bread and Money writes about why people love raw milk.

Article from the Guardian suggests that in the future food allergies will no longer be a problem.

The Dynamic of Cats on the effects of hard water.

The Frontal Cortex on Frappuccinos.