Food Links Sept 8

Terra Sigillata on Grass Fed Beef labeling

Via Pure Pedantry and The Daily Transcript is a link to an animation of cellular processes

Hey, a newish Food Science related blog is Eating Fabulous. From her first post in July:

The star of the show are foods that does more than simply fill in an empty stomach. More than satisfying nutritional requirements, functional foods and nutraceuticals provide specific health benefits. We’ll be talking about why and how tomatoes help in reducing heart disease and some cancers. Or how probiotic yoghurt helps keep disease-causing bacteria in the gut in check. Or, hey, did you know that apple cider vinegar can help lower blood sugar? Such are the stuff this blog will be made of: Fabulous foods!

Consider yourself blogrolled!

The BBC reports that Iceland is about start trading in whalemeat. Yummy!

And the Beeb also reports on a study showing why high protein diets work. Keep eaten that whalemeat.

This week is the British Association “Festival of Science” held in Norwich. It is from there that the New Scientist reports on the possibility that probiotics might help autism. Or it would if the trial could be completed properly.

A new book is coming: An Appetite for Profit and the author has a blog (via US Food Policy).


Fishing trade may help Africa.

I’m reading Peter Singer and Jim Mason’s Why We Eat at the moment so I still have my doubts as to whether fishing can ever be sustainable.

Children with lactose intolerance should be given dairy

Edible coatings are the packaging of the future

Finally not food but cancer, The Cheerful Oncologist reports that there is decline in death rates from most common cancers. Interestingly he reports from a study that shows that the first puff of a cigarette…

“may represent the beginning of a process that leads rapidly to symptoms of nicotine dependence and escalating cigarette use in some young smokers.”

So my parents’ brainwashing me to believe that one cigarette would make you addicted wasn’t incorrect after all.


3 thoughts on “Food Links Sept 8

  1. this is waaaay too late a response, but thanks for the mention, and for the inclusion in your blogroll! deeply appreciated! 🙂

  2. But it is a least a reminder that I should keep checking your blog for interesting food science stories!

  3. “It is from there that the New Scientist reports on the possibility that probiotics might help autism.”

    Very interesting. Not the article, just that it has taken them 10 years to come up with this staggeringly obvious statement, common knowledge amongst families affected with an autistic child (forums and discussion groups). Of course it helps, one aspect of autism treatment involves anti yeast and gut flora repopulation. Thanks for posting it, I’m sure, sadly, that there are many families out there still, who do not realise that autism recovery can be a possibility.

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