Mammals Woodstock Show

The Mammals live at Woodstock
After the first day of classes last Wed I drove up to Woodstock NY for the Mammals’ show that was being live recorded and videoed at the Colony Cafe. It was a great show – the Mammals rock. My friend Bill was part of the video crew, so when I got there he handed me his digital SLR camera and said take pictures. He has a very nice camera, so what more encouragement did I need?

The rest of the pictures are posted on Bill’s site.

Only problem I had was that Bill had set his camera with the flash on – despite my asking if it was alright to use the flash – after a few shots some one came up and said “For God’s sake, don’t use the flash”. Mild panic, while I distracted Bill from filming to fix his camera for me. Then Jay Ungar checked that I wasn’t using flash. Not now! Ooops.

Bill kindly relieved me of my responsibilities after the first set so that I could enjoy the second set. So I danced around and had fun. It was a great evening. I enjoyed meeting all the Mammals’ friends and other people in the audience.

Unfortunately I had to drive back early the next day to get to my Food Chemistry lab at 2.30. I just made it. The students were amused by my travelling all that way for a band. They did suggest I should have cancelled lab – they wouldn’t have minded at all. They decided it was amusing to imagine me in a mosh pit! When I asked what a folk mosh pit would be like, the suggestion was that it would be the same but polite. People would ask before they body slammed you.

I had a great evening, worth every minute of travelling and lack of sleep, but next time I think I’ll try to see the Mammals when I don’t have class the next day.


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  1. Sounds like it really was fun. I am glad you didn’t have to play camerawoman all night, though your pictures were great! Now, a folk mosh pit, that sounds funny. The Mammals aren’t really a body-slamming crowd.

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