Food Links Sept 4

These are some food links I’ve collected over the past week. I meant to post them Friday but we had a power outage in the evening. I’ve been enjoying a screen free weekend up to this point. It is nice to rest my eyes and convince myself that I am not addicted to the computer and blogging.

The Cheerful Oncologist says that the party is over.

Pharyngula asks which fair food would you inflict on some one?

A High School Senior complains about the restrictions on junk food in his high school at the Lawrence Journal World (KS).

San Fransico Journal reports an an increase in rickets (yes, you read that right) in youngests in the bay area.

The Salt Lake Tribune discusses how carrying out research will increase the cost of dietary supplements

For more information on dietary supplements visit NIH’s Office of Dietary Supplements

Chicago Tribune gives information how to keep food in the fridge safe

GrrlScientist reminds you to have fun with food

I was going to comment on the fact that C&EN, the weekly magazine from the American Chemical Society, has two interesting articles in their Newscripts section about food from a food science perspective. Unfortunately, this section is only available to subscribers. However, Discovering Biology blog also refers to ACS’s What’s Stuff website

Nothing to do with food, but this is science on the ground floor. The Closing Session from the 16th International Aids Conference can be heard here and The World’s Fair has the transcript of the remarks by Stephen Lewis, the UN Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa.