New Orleans 1 year on

In memory of what happened a year ago, there is a blogswarm on Katrina and New Orleans. I didn’t write about Katrina last year as I wasn’t blogging then. Perhaps now will give me the opportunity. This post is in memory of my visits to NOLA. Almost every one else has said all there is to say about Katrina from all perspectives.

I was in New Orleans about six weeks before Katrina. Every couple of years my professional organization, the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) holds its Annual Meeting and Food Expo in NOLA. This was my third time visiting the city. The first time was in 1996, the first year I was in the States. It was my first IFT meeting – can you imagine what its was like to go to a convention with about 20,000 food scientists and technologists. Yep, it was overwhelming.

I had an extra day after the conference and went on a alligator tour of the Bayou. I was very impressed with the Bayou. I was somewhat impressed with the alligators, I think they survived on reputation as they were fed by the boat captain, as he fed us lots of scary stories about them. The Bayou was amazing.

I feel very comfortable in New Orleans. Not as comfortable as I would feel in an English city, but more like a European city such as Rome or Florence. In 1996, I felt more comfortable in NOLA than I felt in Cleveland, OH, where I was living at the time.

The next conference to be held in NOLA was in about 2000 (I don’t exactly remember if it was 1999/2000/2001). I took a few extra days and stayed in St Francisville and visited some of the plantation homes. I enjoyed the gardens, but it was very hot and sticky, so I couldn’t stick around in the gardens too long. One day, when it was really too hot to do anything very much I drove north to Mississippi to add another state to the ones I have visited. I crossed the river and drove south on the other side taking the ferry back into St Francisville.

Last year, I didn’t have much extra time, but I did have time to go on a yarn crawl. From this yarn I created my New Orleans Strip Poncho. I dedicate the pattern to the victims of Katrina.

Nola Poncho

I don’t know what has happened to either of the yarn stores I visited. It was my second visit to The Quarterstitch. I just love the yarns they have there, it is too hard to make a decision sometimes. I visited for the first time the Garden District Needlework Shop, which had an amazing array of yarns – most of the yarns in the Poncho were from there.

Being keener on music this trip, I also went out with friends to hear jazz. I also went on a boat trip to enjoy the music and to enjoy the scenery. I leave you with this memory:

NOLA sunset


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