Yarn Yarns

The cat isn’t up to anything much, other than leaping into my lap whenever I sit down. After being away he turns into what I call the “fur-ball of affection”. It is very very cute and very very annoying as it is whenever I sit down. Whenever, wherever.

While I was in England I discovered a long lost UFO. For non-knitters that means an unfinished object. I thought it got lost in my old house when I moved to the States but I must have taken it to my parents’ house for storage.

When I moved to the US – I just took essentials. I didn’t even bring kitchen equipment and I love to cook. Some of my essentials were pretty weird. I do remember taking some things back to Birmingham for permanent storage, but I thought that had been mostly books. There is nothing like moving over 3000 miles to reduce life’s clutter. I’ve made up for it in the past 11 years and have another household of clutter here. Time to move again?

What I found was my Bayeux Tapestry sweater:


I must have started this about 15 years ago. I have been fascinated with the Battle of Hastings for a long while. One summer, we were staying near Hastings and went to Battle to see where the Battle was held. At that time it was on the grounds of a private school for girls. I also went on a school trip to Normandy and one of our tours was to see the Bayeux tapestry.

Front detail

Being a daughter of a historian, I was interested in the idea that Harold wasn’t killed, as tradition states, by an arrow in his eye but more likely hacked to death with sword. I was/am interested in the fact we will never know what actually happened. This was probably my first introduction to the idea that history wasn’t set in stone.


The other sleeve has the comet on it, but I was saving the best to last and never got round to it. I also ran out of yarn.

There are a few other problems with this sweater, which is why it remained a UFO for so long. Apart from the fact that I lost it for 10 years, that is. The sweater comes in one size only – very large. While the body would now fit me (as a short dress), the sleeve is way too long. I also knitted it in very thick wool and I can’t wear wool next to my skin. So I would have to wear something underneath it. I can’t just sew up the body to wear it as a jumper-dress since the sleeves are raglan, which come right up to the neck. I’m tempted to do them as short cap sleeves. Suggestions welcome! Mum suggested that I just frame it! I would like to do the comet part eventually.