I’m Back

I went to England to visit family and friends. I had a great time and will hopefully write up some of my “adventures” with pictures in the next few weeks.

I travelled back through Heathrow on Friday. It took over four hours to get through all the check ins and security – the first hour was spent sitting in the holding area which was basically the roof of the parking garage. So much for getting there three hours early. At least my plane wasn’t canceled and we were only two and half hours late into Philly and my bags were amongst the first off-loaded.

Not having a book wasn’t so bad – I watched two movies and listened to Schuman’s Piano concerto. The movies were “The Tiger and the Snow” with Roberto Benigni and “Take the Lead” about Pierre Dulaine teaching Ballroom dance in a New York Public High school. Not being allowed hand luggage gave me a new perspective on what I should take on board a plane next time I travel.


One thought on “I’m Back

  1. I am glad you got home ok. I was wondering if you were coming back in the Heathrow mess, or if you were still there (At your parent’s I mean, not stuck in Heathrow, though I guess that is a possibility đŸ˜¦ )

    We must get together at some point.

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