Women in Science Blogs

A couple of new blogs to check out. I found these, sort of, via Janet at Adventures in Ethics and Science:


On being a scientist and a women

Science + Professor + Woman = Me

I don’t talk about the details of my profession much, I am more interested in the science, but in the last blog, there are experiences that sound very familiar. I have struggled with “No, I’m not a student” response to being asked who my advisor is from both male and female colleagues. I also struggle to respond to the “you should be glad you look so young” comment when I complain. I have had my PhD for over 10 years and I would like recognition of the experience I bring to a discussion.

Once asked for a three word description of myself, I eventually came up with knitting-singing female scientist. Yeah, I had to cheat as I have too many interests for three word descriptions, but I shouldn’t need to put the gender bit. I don’t worry about emphasizing my nationality.