Longwood Garden’s Cats

Longwood gardensLongwood Gardens, where I visited last Saturday, has garden cats. These aren’t your pet cat, as they are working cats. There are signs up telling you about them. They are even featured in book. They are kept to keep pests such as rodents under control. I think it is a great idea. I love seeing the cats wandering around the garden when I’m there, but you rarely see them on busy days. This one was obviously on break:

Longwood cat

Longwood gardens are beautiful – I have to remind myself that they have many gardeners to keep it looking so pretty. However, I am always relieved to see that not everything is perfect even with all that help. This time I noticed a big infestation of Japanese beetles on cannas of all things. They need to grow the evening primrose that I have to distract the beetles from more interesting plants. The JBs seem to just love it (sigh).
They have lovely container plantings. I should know what some of plants are from the Annuals I course I did two years ago. I recognize the plants but I can’t remember all of their names.

Longwood container

This cacti arrangement is for Mum:

Longwood cacti


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