Old School Freight Train at Longwood

On Saturday I went to Longwood for the OSFT concert. It was a great show. Lots of good music and they enjoyed themselves. The open-air theatre at Longwood is very beautiful, probably one of the nicest places to see any band, especially one of my favorites.

I arrived early to walk around the gardens and it ended up that I was walking through the gardens while listening to their sound check. It was very pleasant to be in those beautiful gardens listening to OSFT.

At the show, for the encore, the top fountains played. Luckly the bottom ones were covered over!

Here are some photos of OFST that I took:

OSFT Opener

OSFT opener

Pete and Nate
Pete and Nate


Ben banjo





Ben also plays the fiddle

Ben violin

OFST end

If you want more pix, my friend Bill took some good ones.

(c)cdavies 2006


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