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21 Jun 2006

Clearwater Festival – Sunday

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I wrote this Tuesday night. I can't work out how to tidy it up, so you get my stream of consciousness. James Joyce eat your heart out! I've tried to match photos with text.

I mentally called this day the day of the Mammals. They had two shows. So exciting.

The Mammals set 1
The first was at 11 on the Rainbow stage. Tao said they would have been happy to have had a few more in the audience than on the stage, but there were many more of us in the audience.


Tao playing harmonica set 1
They certainly woke us up and got us moving. This set was mostly songs as they were saving the dance stuff for the afternoon. Pete Seeger joined them on stage for a while – the most moving moment of the festival was Tao kissing Grandpaw on the cheek.

Tao and Pete

The Mammals and Pete Seeger
I don't remember all they played – they opened with Hangman's Reel, followed by Vincent Blacklightening 1952. We also heard Follow Me to Carthage, Chan Chan, Solo le Pido a Dios, Tryin' to Remember What City to I Know You From, Kiss the Break of Day, It Takes a Worried Man, Bush Boys etc etc. I wasn't the only person dancing by the end. A fabulous way to start a day – take a pinch of the Mammals and rock on!

Rosie and the Mammals
After some shopping – I bought a skirt – and lunch it was time for more of the Mammals. Dancing to the Mammals in the afternoon in 90 oF/90% humidity. Sauna-time. Mike was suffering in the heat. Penny Blossom Seeger (Tao's sister) and Rosie Newton joined Ruthy on the fiddle. Professional photographers are the pits. They must hate music as they sat on the floor in the front of the stage getting in the way. It was very tempting to accidentally kick one of them. Pete come to perform with them again. Singing and dancing and dancing and sweating and dyin' in the heat.


Mammals line up

Tao singing
Pete Seeger

What did they play? Aaagh, can't remember – I remember Cajun Two Step opener, some one asked me to dance and I didn't have a clue what to do! So he spun me a round a lot. Spend the rest of the show very dizzy. At some point they did Old Plank Road, Old Shoe Blues, Medley including barndance song. Tao's first tune written (where? New Mexico/Arizona) – Tao playing it followed Jake picking it up on the bass, then Ruthie, and then the rest. Then playing it even faster. Peter Siegel. Rosie Newton. Penny Blossom Seeger. Ruthy holding onto a note forever in House Carpenter (you rock girl). Tahoe – all true said Tao especially the bit about the goldfish, poor thing. Dancing and dancing some more and dying in the heat. Little kids enjoying the music, one so mesmerized that she didn't realise she was swinging her "ball-on-a-string" in time to the band – and nearly hitting us. More and more music. Finally ending up with an encore of Follow me to Carthage. Collapse, die, give me water and some more.

Rosie and RuthyTao playing harmonica set 2

Rosie, Ruthy and Penny

Saving my best for last – taking photos like this keeps me taking more:

Caught the end of Holly Near – some one for me to look out for and Michelle Shocked, who played old numbers, all of which I knew, but I felt she was trying too hard to enjoy herself. Moving to a cooler spot and listening to Assembly of Dust (another cool band to look out for) and watching kids play with bubbles, frisbees, rolling down the hill, juggling in the distance, laughter, fun summer Sunday afternoon.

Closing ceremony was fun, the best part was the Clearwater coming by to say hi!

Closing ceremony

Farewell Clearwater

Update: All photos (c)CDavies2006. Unless you are the subject of the picture, do not use without my permission. If you are the subject of a photo, please feel free to use it.



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