Clearwater Festival

I just got back from Clearwater Festival. In the next few days, I’ll download the pictures I took and share the best ones here.

The festival was great; my head is still too full of sights and sounds to be able to start writing about it yet. It was awesome. I’m exhausted!


One thought on “Clearwater Festival

  1. Hi Cat!
    I was sitting in front of you during The Mammals’ set on the Rainbow Stage. I must tell you, I have absolutely fallen in love with them, and I can not wait to see your pics!

    I am glad that you had as much fun as I did!


  2. Sarah,

    It was great meeting you. Did you get to the Mammal’s afternoon set too? I’ve posted my photos now. I’ll email you so that I can get your addy to send a CD of the rest.

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